Shadow of a Doubt

I decided to go with these two just because I couldn’t choose which one I liked better! the First on has shadows from the kitchen as well as the table which appears to be a masquerade mask. The one the left is a bit more subtle but I liked the symmetry and the contrast between the darker and lighter shadows. It was interesting how getting the right angle enhanced what I was trying to capture as well, and waiting until it was dark in order to get everything a little more clear.

Love at First Sight


Anil and Meena have been childhood friends and lived side by side all of their lives.  It seemed like destiny that they would end up together.  But it wasn’t until high school that they both realized it.  Anil came from a family a big family family, 5 siblings in total.  He himself was very funny and outspoken and up for anything at any time.  Meena only had one older sister but they were bestfriends.  Despite always being around one another it took them the most cliche moment ever, being each others date for homecoming.  They both figured that it would be funny to go all out, and go on an official date before arriving.  Once they got to the dance they barely sat down, they goofed off for hours, sharing all of their dancemoves with friends.  However, once Meena dropped Anil off at home she didn’t give him a chance to move and quickly kissed his cheek and watched as he blushed profusely and left him with “we should do this more often.”  Anil was so stunned but nodded with a huge smile.  10 years have passed and they now live in Phoenix, Arizona, where Anil sells his art and Meena dances for a well known company.  They hope to have kids soon.

Assignment 2: Mufasa the Terror

This is my crazy yorkie named Mufasa.  He is 3 years old and the most rambunctious dog I have ever had in my 21 years of life.  He likes being up high which is what makes him climb on top of everyone whenever we take a car ride.  He naps and sunbathes and is always waking me up earlier than I’d like.  He also likes to hide under the covers as well.  I miss him a lot and even though he can be so difficult sometimes I still love him!photogrid_1485476005577