Where My Shoes Take Me

This was interesting and almost a little nerve-racking as well.  Mostly for the fact that some of my videos would not convert, but also because it was difficult remembering to whip out my camera and get a shot of my feet wherever I went.  I started out at my girlfriends place, and from there I ended up at her show for student-faculty. From there I found myself leaving her place again and heading to the car, entering and leaving the parking garage, before finally making it back to my apartment.

For this assignment I simply took videos and emailed them to myself to download.  Then I left them on my desktop for easy entry into iMovie where I cut them all together and added a little bit of music.

6 Second Art

I don’t have vine but I got this to work just fine with the Photo Booth camera on my macbook.  The original video was only 25 seconds, so once I imported that to iMovie I highlighted everything and dragged what I wanted into the box.  From there I had to go to the settings of the video itself and then flip it order for the message to be read correctly.  The last thing I did was speed it up 8x to get exactly 6 seconds.

I had trouble thinking of what I wanted to do for this since I couldn’t find scissors or anything like that.  But I guess the notion of magnifying glass being related to spy things and investigations and whatnot gave me inspiration for this.  Plus the end result isn’t that bad either!  I wrote Alex B. on the inside in order to have a small connection to her within the drawing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.08.38 PM.png

Getting to Know Alex

This is my video on my agent profile Alex Bercek.  Alex is a 22 year old, 5’11”, athletic CIA agent.  She has brown skin and was born in Italy where she lived for 7 years before coming to live in the states, where she now resides in Washingtion, DC.  Her personality is light and fun even under her jobs circumstances, she enjoys traveling and working on motorcycles, including her own.  She has a lot of respect for her family and her sister is her bestfriend.

This assignment is usually for a movie character I believe, but I took the opportunity to use my agent instead.  In order to make this I used iMovie to put everything together.  But in terms of the pictures used I tried searching images by silhouette and making sure things were quite vague.  Because of course, Alex has to keep her identity a secret, but everything else is free game.  SO I took her character traits from the dosier account I made and made a few audio adjustments to fit it all. The background music is Die Another Day by Madonna just because I thought it fit well for some background noise.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.22.45 PM.png

Instant Replay

I figured since I was already outside earlier that I would go ahead and make an instant replay video.  It was cold so I chose something that would get my blood pumping.  I just did some breakdancing, more specifically “tops” or “top rocks” which is anything you do up top on your feet.  I had found this song when I was making my commercial for our radio show and I was waiting to try it out!  I just took one clip with my laptop and transferred it to iMovie, cut out the extra noise, and selected the section I wanted to instant replay and it happened to sink back up with my steps without me having to alter it or anything like that.  Just uploaded it to Youtube and voila.

How to Ollie

The first thing that came to mind as a how to video was to bust out my skateboard so that’s what I did lol.  I haven’t touched it in a couple of months but this seemed like the perfect opportunity because the ollie is fundamental trick–without a strong base there you can’t go into harder tricks like heelflips and kickflips.  Going through the process of starting at the very bottom again was interesting.  For one I’d lost the balance I would usually have and I’m used to the parking lot rather than the garage which is way bumpier than I thought it would be.

Thankfully it’s the weekend so the garage was pretty cleared out and it was drier than everything else too which was a plus.  I recorded all of the clips on my laptop then transferred them into iMovie and cut them accordingly.  I edited those and then I decided I would want some background music just so there was something to listen to other than my board and my voice.  I did the voice over last and adjusted all of the audio for the clips so it wouldn’t be overbearing and my instructions would still come out clear. Hope ya like it! I am so rusty, don’t judge.

Video Crack!


For this assignment I chose a scene from Fight Club of Tyler Durden offering the rules of fight club which then goes into a complete fight scene.  I was thinking at first that I would pick a song that perfectly described the build and anticipation that leads to that pretty brutal scene, but then I wanted to do something that would be the complete opposite of matching them together.  So I chose Claire de Lune by Debussy to add to the video audio.  I did this because in a way, Tyler is orchestrating this symphony of guys to embrace what their reality really is, and he builds up to this moment of the fight.  The song itself is very gentle compared to the video itself.  But Fight Club is about that outlet  caused by the fighting too, its a release.  Its almost therapeutic, much like the song choice. I created this using youdubber.com!