Techno Viking Remix

This video is pretty dope by itself but this is the video that synced up the best with the Techno Viking song…which I didn’t really know was a thing until now lol.  So I had to created the original video into an mp3 and then I found this video on youtube to import into iMovie.  I ended up aligning the clip with the audio and then cutting the end off of the full video clip in order to get the desired video outcome.  The beat of the music in the original dance video was already upbeat so I didn’t need to do too much work for this one.  A quick upload to youtube and here ya go.


New Movie Poster


Alright, lets be real.  Lisbeth is the all time bada** warrior to ever be witnessed in film.  I really liked this movie and when I found this picture on google I knew it would be the perfect fit for a different poster idea and what not.   Although the movies are completely different in nature and context, I think the frame just looks nice and doesn’t seem all that out of place either. I went to in order to import the original still and used the editing tools to insert text.  From there I just placed it where I thought it would be most aesthetically pleasing.

Lip Read

I had a little bit of difficulty when choosing which lip read to do for this but for some reason the first thing I thought of was Hey Arnold, and for the audio I chose one of my favorite movies, Interview with the Vampire.  The episode itself of Hey Arnold already has a haunting/spooky feel to it so the audio clip I chose seemed to fit the situation pretty well even though it wasn’t exact.  I had to download the audio and the mp4 from youtube and saved them on my desktop.  From there I imported them both to iMovie.  I customized the video to the audio since it was about 10 minutes long in total.  I’m pretty pleased with this outcome for the most part.

Inappropriate Laughter

I got this clip from Skyfall and I couldn’t think of a better clip to mashup with an inappropriate laughter sequence. So first I had to download this clip as an mp4 and I left it on my desktop so I could just drag it straight into iMovie.  From there I just edited the clip to be a little shorter and added in the audio to the parts I thought it would work the best.  I had to do a little bit of editing to the audio as well but that wasn’t too difficult to do either!  I think my previous experience with iMovie might have made this the quickest video/audio mashup I’ve ever done.  Can’t complain about that!