Advice to Incoming Students

I really did learn a lot about different areas of media and ways of creating and editing things such as audio, images, and video.  I really appreciated that new knowledge from this course.  My best advice would be to definitely stay on top of the assignments because this course is online and it is easy to forget or wait till the last minute to complete everything and whatnot, so treat it like a class that you would physically go to and you should be fine.  Good luck!!!


Weekly Summary

This week was a focus on audio, and as much as I love music and audio I don’t think I took for granted how hard it is to get everything to cooperate and get things the way you specifically want them.  This week I ran into troubles with uploading to my soundcloud for copyright reasons on the cover mashup I did.  Long story short I had to create an iMovie and share it that way.  I never knew that that bhangra song of All the Way Up even existed and I am always looking for something new and different so discovering that was pretty nice.  I’ve been a bit stressed with my thesis and unfortunately the stuff that was on the agenda this week almost slipped away from me so I am going to try to do better with that. Making my own playlist was really awesome too!


My Mixtape

Here is my mixtape for the week.  I’ve never really sat down to create one of my own but I enjoyed putting these songs together.  I couldn’t do this from the top of my head and I wanted the songs to fit and mix smoothly so I went on my youtube feed to see the videos I have liked that shared the same kind of concepts and feelings for me.  I guess if I a had to describe this it wold be songs I would listen to in the car or if I just wanted to chill and relax.  Even with the more upbeat songs I feel like for me they are in the same playing field. I hope you guys like it too! Enjoy.


Weekly Summary 4

This week has been pretty interesting.  Learning about photography has always interested me and if I had more time to leisurely do it I definitely would.  Analyzing the film stills really helped me to pay more attention.  I also realize just how tedious photoshop can be in creating these assignments as well, but it all comes with the process I suppose! Ready for what next week has to throw at me.


Shadow of a Doubt

I decided to go with these two just because I couldn’t choose which one I liked better! the First on has shadows from the kitchen as well as the table which appears to be a masquerade mask. The one the left is a bit more subtle but I liked the symmetry and the contrast between the darker and lighter shadows. It was interesting how getting the right angle enhanced what I was trying to capture as well, and waiting until it was dark in order to get everything a little more clear.

Love at First Sight


Anil and Meena have been childhood friends and lived side by side all of their lives.  It seemed like destiny that they would end up together.  But it wasn’t until high school that they both realized it.  Anil came from a family a big family family, 5 siblings in total.  He himself was very funny and outspoken and up for anything at any time.  Meena only had one older sister but they were bestfriends.  Despite always being around one another it took them the most cliche moment ever, being each others date for homecoming.  They both figured that it would be funny to go all out, and go on an official date before arriving.  Once they got to the dance they barely sat down, they goofed off for hours, sharing all of their dancemoves with friends.  However, once Meena dropped Anil off at home she didn’t give him a chance to move and quickly kissed his cheek and watched as he blushed profusely and left him with “we should do this more often.”  Anil was so stunned but nodded with a huge smile.  10 years have passed and they now live in Phoenix, Arizona, where Anil sells his art and Meena dances for a well known company.  They hope to have kids soon.

Film Observations

So I’ve narrowed down to just a couple of shots from Kingsman: The Secret Service to analyze, though they are different in every way they all have the attributes we have been learning about over the week.  The first scene is a bit gruesome, but what stands out right off the bat is the way the character Harry is dressed in comparison with everyone else.  His attire makes him stand out the most even with how much is going on around him.  He naturally draws the eye because of the color, along with the red axe, and his positioning in this still.  The light in the background also balances out the rest of the frame as well, it gives it an almost haunting glow and makes things look even more out of focus and emphasizes how the colors used with all of the churchgoers melts into one big blob of beige and muted-ness.  Even the open area to his right help draw the eye back to him, and gives the eye some ease from further distraction.  The shot is full of action as well, you can almost see the power behind the swing that’s about to happen. maxresdefault

Although Harry’s attire in this image does not make him stand out in anyway, he is dead center, with that alone the eye is drawn to him but there is also the use of light behind him that is casting a shadow that adds to his dominance in this photo.  All of the men are casting their glares in his direction, which again is drawing the viewers eye back to him also.  The colors of the room in contrast to everything else helps to balance out the darkness that is created from the dark clothes and furniture off to the sides. From the body language portrayed you get the sense that the moment is full of tension and you want to know what will happen next.



Contrast between an object and its shadow can make an interesting photo.


Smooth, rough, dirty, or wrinkled. Make a photo of hands that tell a story.


Take a picture of fire or something that represents fire.


Giraffes are brilliant. Show us what it would be like if they lived in human society.


Make a landscape photo!

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.04.34 PM.png

Take a photo of a food being served or eaten in an unconventional way.


Take a photo of advertising that has been painted onto a building. The older the better.