The color scheme of this photo was too bomb not to make into an anti-motivational poster.  Pixlr has become my friend this week so I was able to make this fairly quickly.  Just a bit of font change and positioning and voila.  The perfect thing to make you give up on all  of life’s aspirations.

Breaking Hearts and Beats


SO.  For this assignment I thought it would be cool to make a logo for the club that I am in here.  I haven’t been dancing for too long but I thought I would see what would become of this internet shout out to the squad.  I first went to the the website and typed in what I would want on my logo.  From there I took a small test to determine the font that would be used for it.  I had the option to change the colors and make edits but I thought this was the perfect look.




So for this I just searched “peaceful pictures” and saved that to my laptop.  Then I opened pixlr and added a text box and just changed the color and position of my letters. It was funny to try and think of something awful and gloomy to put on this when it’s such a great picture, but I can respect the concept lol.