6 Second Art

I don’t have vine but I got this to work just fine with the Photo Booth camera on my macbook.  The original video was only 25 seconds, so once I imported that to iMovie I highlighted everything and dragged what I wanted into the box.  From there I had to go to the settings of the video itself and then flip it order for the message to be read correctly.  The last thing I did was speed it up 8x to get exactly 6 seconds.

I had trouble thinking of what I wanted to do for this since I couldn’t find scissors or anything like that.  But I guess the notion of magnifying glass being related to spy things and investigations and whatnot gave me inspiration for this.  Plus the end result isn’t that bad either!  I wrote Alex B. on the inside in order to have a small connection to her within the drawing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.08.38 PM.png

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