Weekly Summary

This was has been so rough but these assignments were actually way cool to do.  I think I am a lot better with video than audio, didn’t take me nearly as long so I am very greatful for that.  I really enjoyed learning about how to read a shot and also Zhou’s videos on shot and movement throughout picture.  I had never payed much attention before but there are certainly aspects of reverse shot and even the smallest movement that make a for a great scene.  I have definitely taken for granted how much work and though goes into portraying the scene correctly, from the emotions, to the movement, to the precision of the camera’s movement.

For the assignments I chose to do this week I got a little more physically active than I ever have too.  One was my tutorial for the ollie and the other was just a very short set of me dancing to a really dope song.  I tried my best to take into  account how this would portray with music and the camera angle and what not but there’s only so much I could do with my laptop in that area.  The Fight Club dubb over is probably now one of y favorite things too, so there’s that.  Overall, I feel proud of my assignments this week.  Really cool.


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