This was initially really fun but then it became very annoying lol.  So my first story for this was actually a horror story and without realizing I hadn’t logged in, I wrote the whole thing and wasn’t able to get a shareable link.  But initially what drew me to this was that I have never played an interactive storytelling game like this before and when I saw it as one of the assignments for this week I thought why not?

So my initial story was called ‘The Depths’ which interacts with the reader by presenting them with personal questions like if they had siblings, do they look like they’re parents, etc.  But then it goes into more odd questioning like scars from childhood they cannot explain and asking if their memories are patchy from a period in their lives.  As they continue through the game, the point is to lead them to a conclusion that they are not who they think they are and neither are their parents, they keep going and asking questions and each outcome of their answer becomes more and more twisted.  Just as they demand answers it tells them that they have been activated, and the nightmares will soon start in order to get to the bottom of it.  It’s meant to make them feel as though fate has brought them here whether they believe that or not. Then it is revealed that the reason the game is called the Depths is because in order to understand what they have started by playing, is in the very depths of their minds.

Unfortunately, I only have these screenshots of the second story I had to start after losing the one above -____- the frustration of not thinking to screenshot the first story is very, very disheartening.

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