Weekly Summary/Radio Show Reflection

This project drained the hell out of me to be honest. Recording the audio itself wasn’t the hard part, but transferring it all to audacity was soooo tedious. Some of the tracks that were posted on soundcloud we weren’t actually downloadable and we had to convert them in a different way before adding them back to audacity. And of course all of the sound effects that went into it were nerve-racking too. I got very acquainted with audacity for this so I guess in that respect I am pretty grateful lol. The first section of our recording was stitched by Thomas, the second by Yun, and then the third from myself. Shelton really put in a lot of work for the script and so did Yun so shout out to them.  Almost everyone pitched in equally for our project and I am pretty please with the outcome.  Hopefully you guys do too.



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