Weekly Summary

This week was a whirlwind of things and I’m glad it’s finally over.  We have a couple of ideas for our radio show but none of them solid just yet.  I think that once we start talking again we will be able to all settle on one particular theme.  We did however decide that it would be a story based show that will have different entries and story lines for the most part.  I think I have an idea for one bumper from the assignment I did previously, I will probably mess around with it in audacity for a little bit and see what I get.  As for the promo and title that is still up in the air but I am thinking of something that is mysterious and minimal to go with the spy theme we have going.

Audio can be a real pain sometimes, perfecting and getting everything to the right specifications can be very nerve-racking and hopefully our radio show will run a lot smoother than these assignments.  Fingers crossed.  The assignment I liked doing the most was recording the sounds of my spy’s day.  Finding the right sounds and fitting them together properly was fun and I think it turned out just how I wanted to0.  Next week should be interesting.


One thought on “Weekly Summary

  1. “Audio can be a real pain sometimes” I seriously could not agree more! I have been having a harder time than I thought I would with all of these audio assignments but dont worry we will get through!


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