Spy Mashup

I think it’s funny that I saw this assignment and thought immediately of mashing these two songs.  The reason of my choosing is because people completely lost it when Adele’s Skyfall made its debut and I chose Die Another Day because it is from the Bond movie I remember most vividly from being a kid.  I thought it would be cool to have these to juxtaposing songs to work with.  For this I didn’t want them to play at the same volume because I knew it would sound very overwhelming, so I decided to change the volume of Die Another Day and let Skyfall take the lead.  I edited out some extra audio in the beginning just so it would be a little bit nicer to listen to.  The songs are at two different tempos but I wanted to keep that intact.  Also you can definitely tell the differences between Madonna and Adeles voices pretty clearly eb=ven with the audio adjustment. Adele has a fairly rich voice and it comes off very strongly in general, whereas Madonna’s voice doesn’t have that same strength but her voice is very clear and concise compared to Adele’s long drawls throughout the song.

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