A Day in the Life

On her days off these are the sounds Alex Bercek hears in the span of half of her day.  She first wakes up to her alarm and makes her way to the kitchen for a bowl of lucky charms.  From there she makes her way to the gym where she boxes for an hour, mostly for fun but also because she needs to stay in shape. She walks home and takes a quick shower and listens to the TV while she gets dressed.  Once she is ready she’ll pack her bag and hop on her bike to speed to the nearest Starbucks where she will brief herself on the coming week and prepare her mind for the blind date she has later, because why not right?

So in order to get the sounds I wanted a used a combination of the things I had around me to record and then Youtube.  The alarm and cereal box sounds came from what I had at the moment and the rest I typed into google and found the sound that best suited what I was looking for.  I didn’t want to get into the whole day because I think the sounds would have been a little redundant, I think a glimpse for now will do.

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