Art of Design Review

First I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching both of these episodes and getting to pear into the mind of professional artist was really cool.  I watched the first two episodes, one was about Christoph Niemann who is a German illustrator for “The New Yorker” and the second being about Tinker Hatfield, a once pole-vaulter turned designer for Nike.  I think the first thing that stood out to me was that both Christoph and Tinker  were looking for meaning in their work.  They both mentioned that they could easiily do art for the sake of doing it and making a living out of it, but they both wanted more to come out of their work.  Each one should hold meaning and reflect what is going on at the time.  They both reached a point where they were burnt out in their careers and had to find new ways to grow around that bump.  Another thing I noted is that the stress that comes with having a deadline can really ruin creative flow and that is something to look out for when having to produce artistic work.


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