My Mixtape

Here is my mixtape for the week.  I’ve never really sat down to create one of my own but I enjoyed putting these songs together.  I couldn’t do this from the top of my head and I wanted the songs to fit and mix smoothly so I went on my youtube feed to see the videos I have liked that shared the same kind of concepts and feelings for me.  I guess if I a had to describe this it wold be songs I would listen to in the car or if I just wanted to chill and relax.  Even with the more upbeat songs I feel like for me they are in the same playing field. I hope you guys like it too! Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “My Mixtape

  1. I’ve been following Mura Masa for a while and I really enjoy that track. It’s nice to see that he’s getting popular and I’m not the only person who knows who he is!

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