Have Mercy

So this took me a little bit longer than expected because it wouldn’t allow me to post it onto my soundcloud but I just made a quick imovie so I could upload it on my youtube channel.  I chose this song because my girlfriend has been singing it all day and I like it a lot too.  I attempted to have the songs matchup but changing either speed made it sound a bit wonky so I settled for the small delay that is happening.  I basically uploaded everything to audacity and went through to cut out any unnecessary audio in the beginning and end.  I think its interesting to hear them in delay and you can also hear the difference in their voices even though they are very similar.  But its also noticeable how they both sing the song with a lot of emotion.


2 thoughts on “Have Mercy

  1. I like the distinctions between both of their voices. The cover-artist sounds like he has a slightly brighter upper mixed voice, almost like he’s about to cry from emotion. In contrast, Mendes has slightly more chest voice in his upper mix, so he sounds more dominant in the song so it fits that he leads the song and the brighter singer’s voice is slightly delayed in parts of the track. It was a cool touch to let one singer finish and the other wrap up the track at a slower pace! Good job.

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