Film Observations

So I’ve narrowed down to just a couple of shots from Kingsman: The Secret Service to analyze, though they are different in every way they all have the attributes we have been learning about over the week.  The first scene is a bit gruesome, but what stands out right off the bat is the way the character Harry is dressed in comparison with everyone else.  His attire makes him stand out the most even with how much is going on around him.  He naturally draws the eye because of the color, along with the red axe, and his positioning in this still.  The light in the background also balances out the rest of the frame as well, it gives it an almost haunting glow and makes things look even more out of focus and emphasizes how the colors used with all of the churchgoers melts into one big blob of beige and muted-ness.  Even the open area to his right help draw the eye back to him, and gives the eye some ease from further distraction.  The shot is full of action as well, you can almost see the power behind the swing that’s about to happen. maxresdefault

Although Harry’s attire in this image does not make him stand out in anyway, he is dead center, with that alone the eye is drawn to him but there is also the use of light behind him that is casting a shadow that adds to his dominance in this photo.  All of the men are casting their glares in his direction, which again is drawing the viewers eye back to him also.  The colors of the room in contrast to everything else helps to balance out the darkness that is created from the dark clothes and furniture off to the sides. From the body language portrayed you get the sense that the moment is full of tension and you want to know what will happen next.


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