Photo Reflection

I really liked what Jason Eskenazi had to say about his own photography and telling a story.  His use of angles and why he looks for depth and the story while he is doing it.  I think the best advice that stood out for me personally was being pickier about the photos I am taking.  I am infamous for snapping multiples of the same shot and just seeing which is better later on when I go through them.  I don’t necessarily look for dimension either when I am taking a photo so that’s something else to look out for too.  I don’t usually take a lot of photographs unless I feel like I want to catch a beautiful moment to remember, most of these are sunset photos or ones I take with my friends or family for a special occasion. I think sometimes I am successful in my experience with taking them but I am most own worst critic at times. I think it will be nice to have this as the theme for this week. Maybe I can get some really good ones with the knowledge I have now!


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