“You will be called upon to help a friend in trouble.”

Read my fortune cookie.  I am actually on vacation right now so hopefully this help will be a relatively small task.  I rest the cookie on my napkin and continue to slurp my noodles.  I tip the waiter and make my way back to my hotel.  This was much needed, I thought I would never be able to catch a break.  I lock the door, find something on TV and before I know it I’ve drifted off to sleep.  It must have been 3am when I heard my phone buzzing on the bedside table.  I answer it just to be informed that my bestfriend has been kidnapped and I need to cut my break short.  I pack as quickly as possible and try to keep my cool.  I know she can handle herself well in these situations but I can’t help pit.  Who would want to kidnap her anyway? I’ll board the first plane back to the U.S. and stop by headquarters for all of the details and I begin my search.  Wish me good luck.


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