Mission 187

Bond was just informed that he would be traveling to the Philippines for his new mission.  Apparently the someone from the inside has stolen the most classified of information and plans to use it to trigger a worldwide sellout of information such as government security codes, the secrets of the CIA, and detonation codes to every country that has one.  His mission is simple, find the culprit and bring them to justice.  As he steps foot off the plane he gets straight to work, but not without running into Eggsy Unwin, who has also been put with this task.  They become quick friends despite only knowing stories of one another.

As the two order a drink and get settled into their hotel, Bond is tipped off that the culprit is a millionaire who lives fairly close.  Notifying Eggsy they begin their search and infiltration plans.  Just as time permits, the culprit himself walks straight into the same restaurant they happen to be in.  Without any sudden movements they watch as he takes a seat and orders a drink.  Bond makes the decision to start a conversation while Eggsy observes from their table.  This mission will be long but the hard part is over.  At least for now…


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