Assignment 3: My Secret Life

Day 464

I have been at this for the past three years and from what i can tell, no one is on to me.  In this process of spying on the head of the philosophy department i have managed to make great progress in the areas of gathering information, as well as makings some new friends along the way.  If you have not caught on to me yet, my name is Taylor Richardson, and although I look like a student, I’ve been in this business for about 4 years now.  Mary Washington is actually a really cool place and if I were to relive my life, I would think this would be the perfect place for me, not too small and not too big.  I’m learning a lot from the classes and I never thought that I would struggle in some classes.  I wasn’t prepared for that at all.  I have to end this now, I’m actually going out tonight.  It’s not always all work.

Agent Richardson


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