Assignment Bank: 1

So my first assignment for the week is:

“Modifying an original song without outside sounds”

This was actually pretty interesting to do.  I’ve always wanted to work with music editing and this assignment gave me the push to actually try without it being too difficult. The song I chose has a bit going on as it is so it was perfect since I would not be adding anything to it but altering what was already provided.

In order to do what I needed for this I downloaded Audacity and did a quick look over for all of the effects. I went to my itunes library and imported that into Audacity and then used the tools to get the sound I wanted.  I didn’t want to alter the sound of the song too much since I’m not exactly familiar with altering and mixing music. Initially attempted an echo effect but didn’t like it so I kept it simple and decided to change the pitch from F#/Gb to D#/Fb and then slowed it down by 5%.  Overall, I’m pleased with this as my first time working with music editing!



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